Estancia El Prado, Gualeguay, Entre Ríos


The house, the land and the beach are not shared with other guests.


There are two private beaches in the property located on Gualeguay river, fishing and kayak trips may be enjoyed at the beaches..


The house may be rented per day, per week or per month. Available for social events

"El Prado, a highly comfortable place to enjoy wonderful moments, we have already been there twice and we will come back again soon"

− Sebastián

"The place is beautiful, and I really congratulate you on this place that you have. Vanina was very helpful, and she even cooked very delicious empanadas and homemade bread. It was cold, but the heating and the fireplace surely fulfilled their purpose."

− Felipe

"I am experienced in renting houses and cottages , and I may say that it is very hard to find places with the infrastructure offered by your estancia. Everything is excellent, from the decoration, the comfortable rooms, and the swimming pool to the barbecue area.."

− Lucas

La Pileta