At 235 km from Buenos Aires and 180 km from Rosario



How to get to “El Prado”

  • Take the Panamericana, Campana branch (Highway 9).
  • Go along km 83 a sign indicates to take the exit to Entre Ríos, through the COMPLEJO ZARATE BRAZO LARGO.
  • Go over the two bridges (across Talavera island) and go straight until you come to a crossroad at km . 160 approx. where there is a bridge across the road to the west. The traffic sign reads Gualeguay, 72 km.
  • In Gualeguay: go past the police booth, cross the bridge and go always straight along the same road which has now become a town avenue, go around the town do not go downtown at all , and look for the exit to Galarza. (The road to the Galarza exit goes past a large chicken processing plant called Soychú, immediately after the plant there is a turning 90 to the left, the Public Hospital is on your right and soon there, is a Y intersection sign that shows a bifurcation into “Victoria” and “Galarza”: take this road).
  • Go along Highway 12 for 3 km. approx. from the intersection until km 234 the milestone is on the right. On the right, you will also see a sign that reads “Despensa lo de perchi” and another sign ahead on the right that reads “A la arenera”, paso Alonso, “El Prado”.
  • Take that gravel road – well compacted, wide and rainproof , that appears to the right of the highway, follow that road straight, for 1800 mts (use your car’s odometer) until you see at a corner, to the right, an electricity column having a sign that reads “El Prado, 300 mts”, -.
  • Turn right (as if you were heading south to the town). and go along the road for only 300 mtrs approximately until you reach a fence, on the left (it is the first fence on the left).
  • In the tree at the entrance there is black and white sign that reads El Prado.
  • From the fence there is a road lined with China trees that goes inside the property..