What is the check-in and check-out time?
The check-in time is 10 am and the check-out time is 12 am. However, you can arrange for something different in each specific case according to availability on such date. The same applies if you are staying one day only.

Is the place shared with other guests?
The place is not shared with strangers. The house is rented for each guest on a fully exclusive basis.

Can I rent the house for social events, spending a day in the countryside or vacation weeks??
Yes, the house may be reserved to spend a day in the countryside, for social events or for vacation weeks.

Is the place noisy, Do you have a room for social events where parties are organized?
The place is very quiet, in the middle of the country but only 5 minutes from town. We have no rooms for social events where other guests can have parties and most importantly

Can I go directly without making a reservation?
No, the estancia could be closed or full.

Do you offer transfers?
The property is only 5 minutes from town.
We just make available to you a map with instructions to get to the place and a list of telephone numbers of companies providing transfer services from and to the property.. We just make available to you a map with instructions to get to the place and a list of telephone numbers of companies providing transfer services from and to the property..

How far is the property from the City of Gualeguay?
Only 5 km.

From which age do children pay and how much?
Children from 3 to 9 years old pay only 50 % of the rate for adults..

Are there cradles for babies ?

Do the rooms have their own private bathroom?
We have one double room with en-suite bathroom and three rooms sharing one additional bathroom (equipped with bathtub and separate toilet and hand-washing facilities), in addition to a bathroom in the living room.

Do rooms have heating?
All rooms are equipped with first-rate heating facilities. The house was built in 2003 with hot-water radiators in all rooms, and towel radiators in the bathrooms in addition to open log fires in each double room and in the living room.

Are horseback riding trips available, Are they included in the price?
Yes, you may enjoy horseback riding. at an additional cost. We recommend that you follow the course of the river until reaching the beach. We recommend galloping only if you are an experienced rider.

Are kayak trips available?
Yes, you have to make a reservation, and at an additional cost.

May I go fishing, Are there any additional costs?
Yes, fishing gear must be brought by the guests. The river is 10 minutes’ walk from the beach. There is no additional cost. You may fish catfish, pati, tarucha y boga.

Is it possible to participate in cattle branding events or drives?
Yes, you can watch and participate.

Can guests use the swimming-pool, Is it deep?Is there a swimming pool for children? Is it safe?
We offer a big swimming-pool with diving board and there is a mirror of water in the shallow end of the swimming-pool with water at an adult’s knee level, where children may happily play. Immediately close to it we built a small round swimming pool 2 meters wide and 0.6 meters deep for children’s exclusive use..
The whole swimming-pool is fenced with a high wire and has a door with a locking device and padlock.

May I get a massage session?
Yes, subject to prior reservation, and at an additional cost.

What can I do in the property?
You can swim or sunbathe at the swimming-pool, walk or ride horses to the beach, depending on the river level. You can go kayaking, fishing (if you bring your own fishing gear or rent it in Gualeguay), walk along the riverside or across the countryside, read, listen to music, watch movies on DVD player, playing cards, ping pong, table football or simply rest on the Paraguayan handmade woven hammock watching the sunset or in any of our spacious galleries.

Do the rooms have TV sets?
One of the advantages of this place is that you may “switch yourself off”. We have a flat screen TV with DVD player, on a piece of furniture with wheels so that it may be easily moved to the bedrooms to watch movies in bed or taken to the living room.

Are pets allowed?

Is smoking permitted?
Yes, outside the house.

What happens if it rains?
If it rains before you head to our place and such rain restricts access to the property, you may take advantage of the “rain check”, that is you do not lose your reservation which may be put on hold for a later date, always provided that you inform about this in advance and in writing. If it rains when you are in the property you may not avail of this benefit. However, listening to the rain sound on the house roof, and enjoying the smell of wet grass and humid land are all examples of a good rest..

No-Show Policy

  • If your reservation is cancelled up to 30 calendar days before arrival 100% of the payment made will be reimbursed.
  • If your reservation is cancelled up to 15 calendar days before arrival, payment made will not be reimbursed but it will be credited for any future stay within the next succeeding 6 months, on a date to be agreed.
  • After such date, the reservation amount is applied as a penalty for untimely cancellation.